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Aname of distinction since 1999, we, Kasturi Metal Composite (P) Ltd.                                                            are the largest manufacturer and exporter of a wide assortment of Steel Fibers. The range includes Duraflex™ Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement, Durabond™ Steelwool Fiber for Friction Industry, Durocrete™ Polypropylene Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement, Steel wool Rolls and Stainless Steel Scrubbers. Recently awarded as “Best Industry Award from Govt of Maharashtra, 2011 for conducting quality works and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company strictly abide by a quality control process to ensure that the customers get the preferred products. In light of this policy, we have established association with leading vendors of the markets, who provide quality raw material.

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Industrial Floorings

Concrete undergoes significant volumetric changes during the course of its lifetime, typically from expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture changes...Read more

Tunnel Shotcrete

Shotcrete is concrete pneumatically projected onto a surface at high velocity. It is typically blown through a hand-held nozzle, after all the ingredients are mixed to project specification…Read more


A precast concrete product is a factory-made piece manufactured with concrete and which, later, together with other pieces, will become part of a larger structure…Read more

Internal Roads ,Pavements, Driveways

The addition of fibers to concrete turns a brittle (easily  broken/damaged) material into a tough composite that is more resistant to cracking and localised damage, especially impact related damage. ..Read more

Refactories-High Temperature

As the steel industry moves away from the use of bricks to monolithic refractories the use of stainless steel fibres is ever increasing…Read more

Friction Linings

A lining applied to friction clutches and brakes provide high coefficient of friction and should be capable to resist heat and wear caused by contact between mating surfaces for efficient braking. The choice of right type of material for frictional linings in utmost important…Read more


Workability Of FRC


SFRC appears relatively stiff and unworkable compared to conventional concrete. However, when vibrated, the thixotropic

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Installing Slabs On Grade


An area of the floor system that is crucially important is the sub-grade on sub-base.

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Our Strength

Design Services
We provide SFRC Design services for Industrial Floorings, please click here to send an enquiry for SFRC Design..

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